Single-punch tablet press machine for pressing round and shaped tablets from different loose materials.

Machines of such type are widely used for development research as well as small-scale production. Single-punch tablet press machines can produce tablets for animals, chemical tablets, technical tablets. However, they do not meet standards required to produce tablets for human consumption. Owing to small dimensions and weight they can operate practically in every room.

The punch mounted in the machines presses tablets with constant diameter or shape. The tablet thickness is adjusted by changing the number of the fed material as well as pressure strength. The punches are replaceable, so it is possible to produce tablets of various diameter and shapes.


Technical specification:



Max. pressure strength (kN)


Max. tablet diameter (mm)


Max. feeding depth (mm)


Throughput: (pcs/h)

Realnie około 1000-1500

Weight (Kg)



Available: 12 pieces